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I hate it when you’re reading smut and you can’t figure out what position they’re in.

sometimes it just ends up being something like



Mushishi Season 2, New Episode Today!  

EPISODE 3 : Under the Snow ( Yuki No shita ) 雪 の 下


Powerpuff Girls tribute animations by japanese animator Yoh Yoshinari.

angry personal rant

so, my aunt told me of a job where you sit in a cabin and sell asparagi and strawberries, gave me the number and told me to call there, and ask if they needed some more help. she also said, that they might not need any more people, because she originally meant to tell me about this job a week before she actually told me. back then she called and spoke on the recorder thingie, but my mum saw it first, played it, and forgot to tell me.

ok, so i think about it for a day tell my mum that i’m gonna call there, and then i called. the lady was nice and she said they MIGHT need workers. so i left my number and hung up
later my mum asks how it went, and i described it to her. turns out i made a lot of mistakes, like not describing myself enough. but ok, fair enough, i never called at a workplace before, and didn’t know how much i needed to go into detail about myself. well my mum didn’t think so. she said that i should’ve known that, and i said OK, but she wouldn’t stop telling what i did wrong, even when it should have been quite obvious by my short OKs and the fact that i was looking in the opposite direction of her at the floor, that i was already close to tears and swallowing down my anger. so i just went upstairs to my room, and calmed myself down. ok. nothing ever happened. (even though i was still upset at this for a few days, i didn’t let her feel it, and she acted like nothing happened too, so perfect for actually forgetting)

last sunday then we went to visit my aunt and her family, and while eating cake she asks how it went with the job, and i said, that i called but they didn’t call back. that would have been enough information for all of us. but not for my mum. she raises her voice and declares in the most compromising manner all the mistakes i made when i called there. nobody laughs, i say with a small smile that it wasn’t as bad as she’s telling it (which was a lie, but i wanted mum to stop talking about it, and thought that would be a good hint for her to realise that I’m not comfortable in this situation). well she went on, and nobody laughed (they all got that i wasn’t comfortable), and i looked at my plate saying nothing anymore, and she just went on and ranted. the only one responding to her was my aunt, and she only made sounds like “hm” or nodded, and when my mum was out of breath/material to tell, my aunt quickly changed the subject

usually my mum is a nice, quite empathic person (i’m seriously doubting that atm), but for some reason she turned into a huge arse in this matter. like wtf, i bet she noticed that i was not in the best mood the first time we were talking about it, why would she ever bring it up at the family table??? i don’t get it


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